Looking for wonderful vacation? Consider visiting Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the best tourist-friendly countries in Southeast Asia. The nation is known for its beaches, ancient temples, historical monuments, rice fields, natural parks, and wonderful hilly areas. From beach fun to adventure sporting opportunities, there is something for every traveler in this country. Here are some details about the best tourist attractions.

vietnam trekkingVisit Mekong Delta if you wish to spend time in peaceful surroundings

Mekong Delta region is full of water streams, rivers, and canals. Above these water bodies you can find several floating markets and even houses. The area is home to several rice fields and ancient Temples as well. Mekong Delta plays important role in Vietnam’s economy as fifty percent of country’s agriculture produce comes from this region that is located in Southern part of nation.

Mekong Delta is perfect destination for individuals who wish to spend few days or few months in arms of Mother Nature to solve all their health issues. The region also offers areas that are perfect for adventure sports, including vietnam trekking opportunities.

Visit Mui Ne beach

If you are looking for beach destination that offers several accommodation facilities along with restaurants, bars, and tourist-friendly facilities, you should consider visiting Mui Ne. This beach destination is not just popular for its beach and sand dunes, but is also popular as wind-surfing and kite-surfing destination.

This destination attracts a lot of Russian tourists, and perhaps, this is the reason that most of the restaurants here are owned by Russians. Mui Ne is situated in South East part of the country.

Ho Chi Minh City’s skybars

If you are looking for great night life, you should definitely visit Ho Chi Minh City. Located in country’s southeast region, it is also Vietnam’s largest city. If you look at some of city’s sleek skyscrapers, you would be surprised to see skybars! Visit skybars to enjoy various drinks and to look at Ho Chi Minh City’s beauty from above.